What is a Neuromuscular Massage?

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DEFINITION -What is Neuromuscular Massage?

Neuromuscular massage, sometimes called trigger point myotherapy or neuromuscular therapy, is a hands-on soft tissue technique that is used to treat chronic pain conditions involving the muscles and nerves.

BREAKING DOWN -Neuromuscular Massage

n neuromuscular massage, deep pressure, via the massage therapist’s fingers, is used to release trigger points and areas of tension in the muscles. This technique was developed to address muscle spasms caused by a lack of circulation to the area. This often meant that the muscles and tissues in the affected area were not receiving enough nutrients or oxygen. This causes the muscle to tense up, leaving in unable to relax. Ultimately, this may lead to fatigue, soreness, or pain in the affected area. The muscle may also start to feel weak.

This type of massage is often used to address the aforementioned trigger points (or tender and tight points in the muscles), poor circulation, nerve compression, postural problems, and other biomechanical or muscle dysfunctions. Occasionally, these dysfunctions may arise from repetitive movements or from sitting too long in one position. 

For example, many individuals may need neuromuscular massage due to chronic bad posture. Bad posture can lead to tense muscles, bad alignment, joint dysfunction, and more. However, neuromuscular massage can help alleviate this. 

Neuromuscular massage is particularly helpful in the following conditions: back pain, neck pain, tendonitis, sciatica, calf cramps, plantar fasciitis, and many more.

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