What is a Pediatric Massage?

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DEFINITION –  What is Pediatric Massage?

Pediatric massage is the umbrella term for massage that is performed on children or adolescents. The aim of pediatric massage is usually to help provide comfort and pain relief to children who are suffering from illness or a medical condition.

BREAKING DOWN – Pediatric Massage

Since massage is proven to be an efficient way of reducing pain and inducing a state of relaxation in the client, pediatric massage is used to help children get through difficult times, especially concerning physical symptoms or pain.

As well as helping with physical pain, pediatric massage can also prove useful when it comes to a child’s mental health. Just like standard massage practice can provide us with some relief from symptoms of anxiety or stress, pediatric massage can help children cope with the same issues.

The sense of touch alone can reassure the child. This combined with the soothing massage practice can yield real results and help the child feel more at ease.

There have even been studies to show that children with conditions, such as Autism, aren’t as restless following pediatric massage. After a pediatric massage, they appear calmer as a result. This also works in a similar way for other conditions commonly found in children. Pediatric massage is a great option to provide such children with some relief and both mental and physical relaxation.

One of the key differentiating factors of pediatric massage is how the massage is adapted to the child recipient. Due to their sensitive nature, children usually don’t require more than 20 minutes of massage at a time. It is further important to build rapport with the child before attempting to start with the massage practice. 

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