What is a Physiotherapy Massage?

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DEFINITION – What is Physiotherapy Massage?

Physiotherapy massage is a practice steeped in medical knowledge, and is concerned with the treatment of physical afflictions. Unlike a lot of forms of massage which can be categorised under the term therapeutic massage, physiotherapy massage uses medical principles to treat injury and rehabilitate the body.


BREAKING DOWN – Physiotherapy Massage

Physiotherapy massage is best understood by comparison with massage therapy, since the two have very different goals but similar processes.

The first and biggest difference between physiotherapy massage and therapeutic massage, or massage therapy, is in the education and training. Whereas massage therapists receive their training from massage therapy school, physiotherapists need a Master’s degree and need to register in a regulatory college to be able to practice.

The second difference is the type of clients usually dealt with by physiotherapy massage. Clients are usually undergoing recovery from surgery or have just been operated on when they embark on a course of physiotherapy massage. This is different from massage therapy, which is performed on anyone from an athlete with muscle injuries to a businessman needing to wind down and decompress.

This difference is key as it alludes to the medically approved style of treatment received through physiotherapy massage. With extensive medical knowledge and training, physiotherapists are able to work on a patient’s range of motion, joint mobilization, and more severe injuries.

Finally, there is a big difference between the aims of both practices. While massage therapy can be used for the purposes of relaxation and reduced levels of anxiety, physiotherapy massage is purely aimed at assisting in recovery. As a result, physiotherapy massage may not feel as relaxing or pleasant to the client as massage therapy. This is because it is meant to restore the body to 100% and rehabilitate specific and sometimes, severe injuries.

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