What is a Relaxation Massage?

Corporate Massage

DEFINITION – What does Corporate Massage mean?

A relaxation massage – or relaxing or relax massage – is a style of massage which promotes a relaxed state in the client through a series of gentle movements and at times, the use of essential oils.


BREAKING DOWN – Relaxation Massage

Relaxation massage is defined by its smooth movements, that is to say, it doesn’t have the same intensity as deep tissue massage for example.


The benefits of a relaxation massage include but aren’t limited to: alleviating tension in the muscles, improved circulation and an overall boost in mood. Due to its more gentle nature, a relaxation massage isn’t intended to treat sports injuries or discomfort in that sense. With that being said, relaxation massage is fantastic at reducing muscle tension, and bringing the body back to a relaxed state.


When the body is relaxed, you become much less prone to injury as the muscles and soft tissue of the body are less tight and tense. As a result, a relaxation massage is a great option for in between sporting sessions. 


Relaxation massage is also a great option for the end of a long and hard week at work when you need to de-stress. It can help you relax into the weekend. This type of massage can serve as a form of transition between working hard with potentially high levels of cortisol, to entering relaxation mode and experiencing high levels of serotonin instead.


You can expect a blend of techniques with relaxation massage such as rubbing, kneading and rolling. You can also expect calming music and perhaps even the use of ambient lighting to facilitate total relaxation and comfort to increase the benefits gained from the massage.


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