What is a Remedial Massage Therapist?

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DEFINITION – Who is a Remedial Massage Therapist?

A remedial massage therapist is someone who practices remedial massage. Remedial massage is a functional form of massage, which aims to reduce pain and inflammation in the muscle or soft tissue, encouraging a full recovery.

BREAKING DOWN – Remedial Massage Therapist

The goal of remedial massage is to treat and reduce pain. This method restores blood flow to healthy levels and improves circulation. As such, a remedial massage therapist must be well-versed in anatomy and the physiology of the human body. 


Although, remedial massage therapists are not limited to treating muscle or soft tissue injury after the fact. Remedial massage can form part of a healthy and balanced self-care routine and may help prevent injury, as well as reduce stress.


As well as physical relief and relaxation of the muscles, remedial massage has been shown to reduce cortisol – which in turn lowers your general level of stress. This cannot be valued highly enough, since the pressures and stresses of modern life can be great. Further, chronic stress causes problems within the body, including increasing your risk of life-threatening diseases.


Remedial massage can also be seen as preventive. If you regularly practice sports, then you could benefit from regular remedial massage, as it can relieve tension in the muscles and keep you fit and healthy. 


In addition to sports injury and stress reduction, remedial massage is great for dealing with discomfort you may be experiencing as a result of incorrect posture. Many of us sit at work all day without an ideal posture. As a result, many individuals develop pain in the neck and lower back.


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