What is a Scapula?


DEFINITION – What does Scapula mean?

The scapula is the shoulder blade bone. It connects to the humerus, the upper arm bone, and the clavicle bone or collarbone.


The scapula is a triangle shaped bone. The main function of the scapula is to connect the upper arm to the rest of the body. It also serves as a major attachment point for many muscles and plays key role in postural alignment. Muscles that attach to the scapula include the subscapularis, the serratus anterior, the supraspinatus, the infraspinatus, the deltoid, the trapezius and more.

The shoulder blades, along with muscles in the shoulder and upper back, keep the shoulders back and in proper alignment. A winged scapula is a common misalignment condition. It involves the abnormal position of the shoulder blade, protruding outward. It can cause muscle aches and pains, and limit function of the arms and shoulders. Treatment options frequently involve physiotherapy, massage therapy, and prescribed exercises to encourage proper realignment.

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