What is a Swedish massage?

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DEFINITION – What is a Swedish Massage?

Swedish massage is one of the most popular forms of massage. It involves the use of the therapist’s hands, elbows, and forearms to knead and stroke the superficial tissue of the body and promote relaxation.


BREAKING DOWN – Swedish Massage

This is often the first massage that most massage therapists learn in massage therapy school. In fact, the Swedish massage is one of the most basic forms of massage.


An interesting fact, and probably contrary to what you may think, Swedish massage wasn’t created by a Swede, but rather, the Dutch doctor Johann George Mezger. Developed as a result of a mix of curiosity and experimentation, Swedish massage came about from a desire to speed up recovery in the body through touch. 


This type of massage consists of a range of movements performed by the massage therapists’ hands, forearms and elbows. More specifically, these movements include pressing, kneading and general manipulation of the muscles and soft tissue in the body.


The goal of Swedish massage is to promote circulation throughout the body, and improve both physical and mental state through relaxation. Clients often note reduced levels of stress and muscle tension in the body following this type of massage.


The benefits go beyond these often cited reasons for wanting a massage though. Swedish massage has been shown to help people who are suffering with anxiety or depression. It can even lower the likelihood of illness, as well as improve recovery from sickness.


The Swedish massage is typically carried out with the recipient lying on a massage table with a sheet or towel to cover their body. Then, you can expect the massage therapist to use either scented or unscented oils to assist with the process and make it easier for them to perform the necessary forearm and hand movements found in Swedish massage.


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