What is Acupressure Massage Therapy?

Acupressure Massage Therapy

DEFINITION – What does Acupressure Massage Therapy mean? 

Acupressure massage therapy is a massage technique that uses pressure on specific points in the body known as acupressure points. 

BREAKING DOWN – Acupressure Massage Therapy 

Acupressure massage therapy uses the same points as acupuncture. The difference? Acupuncture uses needles, whereas acupressure massage therapy uses varying amounts of pressure on these specific spots. A therapist that delivers acupressure massage therapy may use their hands, fingers, elbows, or tools to apply pressure. Typically, a session lasts about 60 minutes.  

Acupressure, like acupuncture, originates from Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM). This means it was used in Ancient China for healing purposes. TCM incorporates the use of chi, the body’s life force and energy. These acupressure points release blocked energy in the energy channels called meridians. These meridians usually allow energy to flow through the body easily, connecting the organs and the systems. But when obstructed, they can cause pain and illness.  

Others further believe that applying pressure to these specific spots may stimulate the body’s natural pain relievers, endorphins. In turn, this makes you feel better and alleviates any pain. 

Generally, the idea behind acupressure is that it stimulates your body’s natural healing abilities. Consequently, it allows the body and its systems to alleviate disease, injury, or discomfort.  

Acupressure massage therapy is used to treat a variety of ailments, including pain, nausea, arthritis, anxiety, stress, and more. It’s also considered a non-invasive treatment style and is considered very safe in practice. Acupressure may be recommended to avoid in specific situations, such as pregnancy, cancer, varicose veins, or rheumatoid arthritis.  

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