What is an Athletic Massage?

Athletic Massage

DEFINITION – What does Athletic Massage mean?

Athletic massage is another name for sports massage, which refers to massage for sports injuries and aches or pains.

BREAKING DOWN – Athletic Massage

Injuries happen fast. One minute you’re out on the playing field or lifting your regular squat weight; suddenly, you’re keeled over in pain. Or maybe you rolled over on your ankle. Whatever the case may be, athletic massage can help before and after your exercise session. It may act as a performance booster, as well as a recovery or injury aid.

For instance, athletic massage can provide that additional boost you need for your next big sports tournament or competition. It reduces muscle tension, prevents injuries, promotes relaxation, and equips you with an optimal range of motion.

Athletic massage is specific to you -the athlete. It can help pre or post event, as well as for general maintenance and upkeep.

Interestingly, the Ancient Greeks and Romans were the first to combine athletics and massage. Yet, in Asian history and culture, there has also been documented evidence of combining activities, such as martial arts, with massage.

Today, athletic massage is an invaluable part in many professional athlete’s recovery and prevention routines.

Because it is tailored to each individual, the techniques involved in an athletic massage may vary. Effleurage, petrissage, cupping, and more may be utilized by your massage therapist. Effleurage involves light strokes with the palms or fingers. Petrissage is defined as two-handed kneading. Cupping may involve the use of specific tools or the hands. Often, a session will last 30-60 minutes.

However, before seeking out an athletic massage for a specific injury, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis from a sports medicine specialist. Make sure you inquire into whether an athletic massage is right or you. Certain conditions, such as cancer, having a hernia, high blood pressure, varicose veins, and more, may requirecaution when it comes to massage.

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