What is Disc Herniation?

DEFINE – What is Disc Herniation?

A disc herniation is when part of an intervertebral disc pushes out of place, often pressing on the nerves in the spinal canal.

BREAKING DOWN – Disk Herniation

Surprisingly, a disc herniation can appear asymptomatic. This means a person can experience no symptoms. However, many cases are symptomatic. You might experience leg or arm pain, numbness, tingling, and muscle weakness. In severe cases, a person may lose bladder and bowel control. 

A disc herniation frequently happens due to gradual wear and tear. As we age, the intervertebral discs become dehydrated. They harden, which can contribute to deformations or ruptures. Occasionally, these injuries may happen from twisting or turning the torso or from lifting heavy objects. Further, a direct blow to the back may also cause a disc herniation.

Factors that may increase your risk of experiencing a disc herniation include excess weight, a demanding and physical job, genetics, and smoking.

However, the condition is preventable, and there are ways you can lower your risk. Maintaining strong and supportive core and torso muscles can take the pressure off of your back and support your spine and pelvis. In turn, this may prevent other structures from pressing on the spine and causing a disc herniation. Further, maintaining good posture helps to prevent stress on the joints, muscles, and other tissues. As well, maintaining a healthy weight can also alleviate excess stress. Smoking can also prevent an array of conditions and injuries from occurring, since it disrupts the body’s healing process.

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