What is Dynamic Thrust?

DEFINE – What is Dynamic Thrust?

Dynamic thrust refers to a chiropractic adjustment that is applied suddenly and very forcefully. The goal is to move the vertebrae back into proper alignment.

BREAKING DOWN – Dynamic Thrust

A dynamic thrust frequently results in a popping sound and is often nothing to be alarmed about. Ultimately, the dynamic thrust part of spinal manipulation is what sets chiropractic care apart from other types of therapies. This part of the technique may occur at a high or low speed. Most commonly, it is applied with a controlled and high velocity at a specific spot. The goal is to achieve realignment of the tissue it is being applied to.

In contrast, a mobilization technique is more passive in comparison. It does not involve the dynamic thrust and it passively moves a joint through its range of motion. Spinal manipulation, on the other hand, involves the dynamic thrust. Thus, it is a signature move involved in chiropractic care. It involves various training to ensure it is performed efficiently, effectively, and safely. 

This is why a typical chiropractic schooling requires three years of post-secondary schooling before applying for chiropractic school. Chiropractic schooling then involves various training that lasts 4-5 years in length. The final years in schooling is frequently spent in clinic, practicing and applying what is learned in a real-life setting.

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