What is Massage Therapy School?

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DEFINITION – What is Massage Therapy School?

Massage therapy school is an institution for aspiring massage therapists to learn their trade, usually over the course of several years.

BREAKING DOWN – Massage Therapy School

In Canada, the aspiring massage therapist must complete a minimum of 2,200 hours, which equates roughly to two years of training. The Alberta College of Massage Therapy, for example, offers a program which gives you the opportunity to become a Registered Massage Therapist, with a flexible structure.

At massage therapy school, students often undertake modules covering topics that range from anatomy and physiology to ethics and self-care. This is to give the student a holistic view of the body, as well as an understanding of the business side of things. As well as theory, aspiring massage therapists are also required to participate in practical classes, where they can put the proper massage techniques into use.

Sometimes massage therapy schools will require you to take a placement test, but not always. It’s important when choosing a massage therapy school to know if their course is accredited. For example, in the Alberta College of Massage Therapy, their course is accredited by the Canadian Registered Massage Therapy Associations. This accreditation is important because it lends weight to the course and at the end of the day, will make the completion of it look more impressive to potential future employers. It also verifies that the course meets high standards, and so you know that you are getting good value for your money.

With regards to financing studies at a massage therapy school, there are often loans available to prospective students to help fund the program.

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