What is Pain Management?

Pain Management

DEFINITION – What does Pain Management mean?

Pain management refers to a medical approach, involving diagnosis, treatment, and preventative methods, that aim to decrease and eliminate pain levels and symptoms.

BREAKING DOWN – Pain Management

Generally, pain management covers a broad variety of topics, treatments, diagnosis methods, and preventative strategies. It often refers to the pain and symptoms felt in musculoskeletal conditions, disorders, or injuries. It is further frequently non-invasive, meaning non-surgical interventions are employed. 

 For instance, pain management involves diagnosing the root cause of a person’s pain and determining viable treatment methods from there. For back pain, this may involve diagnosing why the person is experiencing back pain, such as a muscle strain, and then determining treatment from there, such as physical therapy and massage therapy. 

 Pain is complex. And thus, most protocols are unique to the individual. What works for one person may not always work for the next. Medications, therapies, techniques, mind-body strategies, and more may be used to help decrease a person’s pain levels. It all depends on their starting point and what is causing their pain. 

 Massage therapy, in particular, may help alleviate an individual’s pain by increasing blood flow, improving mobility and flexibility, and decreasing tension. To find out what massage therapy can help treat and prevent, check out our treatment section. Find out if massage therapy is right for you and your pain. 

 At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our team of registered and experienced massage therapists strive to eliminate pain and alleviate our client’s discomforts. Living with pain is manageable, even for chronic conditions. Our therapists can further educate you on what you can do in your own time to reduce and ease your pain levels. Start living the life you deserve. Click BOOK NOW below to schedule your next massage therapy appointment with us today. 

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