What is Reiki Massage Therapy

DEFINE – What is Reiki Massage Therapy?

A concept which has its name from both Japanese and Chinese words, Reiki roughly translates to spiritual, vital energy. The practice of Reiki refers to a technique of alternative medicine which involves the use of healing energy and specific techniques performed by trained practitioners. Reiki practitioners believe that there is vital energy in the world which can be harnessed to heal the body. In Reiki massage therapy, the practitioner will wave their hands over the body, and use a light touch to encourage healing in the patient.

BREAKING DOWN – Reiki Massage Therapy

While there is a lack of scientific evidence to support the underpinning ideas behind Reiki, many people swear by it as an effective form of massage therapy. Even to the extent that today it can be found in some medical institutions, and hospitals.

Even though no correlation has been drawn between the practice of Reiki massage therapy and healing in the body, there is evidence to suggest that it can provide a host of benefits.

Such benefits include reduced anxiety, fatigue, and relaxation. If you give yourself in to this spiritual massage practice, you will likely reap the relaxing rewards and feel much better at the end of the session.

This is one of the main arguments for the efficacy of Reiki massage therapy. Practitioners and advocates claim that the state of relaxation which can be induced by the massage in the recipient will subsequently provide a number of additional benefits.

As a result, Reiki massage therapy is a good option for anyone looking for a relaxing experience, and to have their minds put at ease without the need for elbows, knees, or heavy hand pressure on the body.

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