What is the Cerebellum?

DEFINE – What is the Cerebellum?

The cerebellum is a part of the brain that has a major role in motor function and coordination.

BREAKING DOWN – The cerebellum 

The cerebellum sits at the bottom and back of the human brain. Without this part of the brain, you wouldn’t be able to throw, drive, walk, or even move your eyes properly. 

So, what exactly does the cerebellum do? The cerebellum does many different things relating to motor function. It helps maintain balance through sensory input, as well as makes adjustments accordingly. It is involved in the coordination of all movements, which allow for smooth and easy movement of the whole body. It’s involved in eye movements. It further helps fine tune new motor activities, such as when you’re learning a new maneuver in your sport or you’re learning to ride a bike for the first time. 

In addition, it’s theorized that the cerebellum also has potentially significant roles in language processing, mood, and other thought processes.

For the most part, health issues associated with the cerebellum are rare. Yet, they can happen. Frequently, signs or symptoms that your cerebellum has been damaged or affected include a lack of muscle coordination or control, a lack of balance, trouble speaking, unusual eye movements, and headaches. This may occur from a stroke, bleeding in the brain, toxins, genetic abnormalities, cancer, or infection.

In fact, the main symptom indicating that the cerebellum has been impacted involves a loss of motor function and control. This is called ‘ataxia, and is often a clear sign something is going wrong in the cerebellum. It’s also why protecting your head and brain and reducing your risk of a head injury is so important. Brain injuries can have serious effects on your daily life.

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