What is the Cervicogenic Headache?

DEFINE – What is the Cervicogenic Headache?

A cervicogenic headache is a headache usually caused by a disorder in the cervical spine.

BREAKING DOWN – Cervicogenic Headache 

A cervicogenic headache is categorized pain that is originating from the neck, but is felt in the head. It may start in the back of the head. However, people often confuse this type of headache for a tension headache or migraine. 

Due to its area of origin,it’s often considered a ‘secondary headache.’ Frequently, this type of headache is caused by a condition in the neck, such as an injury or infection. Neck pain and stiffness may also coincide with it. In addition, a person may experience other symptoms including limited range of motion in the neck, pain in the face, pain around the eyes, pain in the shoulders or arms, head pain caused by neck movements, nausea, and blurred vision.

Often, a cervicogenic headache arises from problems in the upper cervical spine, particularly the C2 and C3 vertebrae. This may result from neck strain, which may be more common in specific occupations. For instance, hairdressers  and drivers may be more prone to this type of neck strain and headache. 

Further, various medical conditions can lead to a cervicogenic headache. These include spinal fractures, tumors, and arthritis.

Generally, treatment involves getting down to the root of the problem. Over-the-counter medication may be recommended to help temporarily treat the pain. Other treatment methods may involve physiotherapy, massage therapy, and gentle stretching and strengthening exercise. Heat and ice may further alleviate your pain. 

If you experience severe pain, nausea, fever, confusion, trouble speaking, or difficulty walking, seek out immediate medical attention. 

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