What is your Sport?

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Playing sports is something that brings all of us together, well, when we play it, that is. There is nothing like learning to depend on your teammates and the camaraderie you feel when you play sports. You might compete hard against others, but at the end of the game, you’re there to shake hands, show respect and go on your way. And then, of course, there are the individual sports, where you aren’t competing against someone else, but you’re competing against yourself and trying to challenge yourself and get better every day.

What kind of sport is your favorite to compete in? There are so many sports out there, ranging from team sports like basketball, baseball, football, soccer, and hockey, to individual sports like track and field, swimming, snowboarding, and golf.

Sports are never easy, you just get better at playing. Which sport will bring out your true character?

  • Badminton


What is your sport: Badminton Badminton is a racket sport. Players on opposing teams use their rackets to

  • Ringette


What is your sport: Ringette Ringette is similar to hockey. Each team consists of 6 players skating on

  • Rugby


What is your sport: Rugby Rugby is a popular sport in many countries. The sport consists of 2

  • Baseball


What is your sport: Baseball Baseball is a sport played by 2 teams of 9 players. The field

  • Football


What is your sport: Football Football is a sport played by 2 teams consisting of 11 players on

  • golf


What is your sport: Golf Golf is defined as a sport where each player - via the use

  • Lacrosse


What is your sport: Lacrosse Lacrosse is Canada’s official national summer sport. Originally played by indigenous people, the

  • Swimming


What is your sport: Swimming Swimming is defined as the propulsion of the body through water via the

  • Curling


What is your sport: Curling Curling is a sport played on ice. 2 teams consisting of 4 players

  • Tennis


What is your sport: Tennis Tennis is a sport involving 2 or 4 players. The players use tennis

  • Basketball


What is your sport: Basketball Basketball is a sport played with 2 teams consisting of 5 players each.