What is your sport: Biathlon

Biathlon is a multi-disciplined winter sport which consists of rifle shooting and cross-country skiing. 

To do well in the sport, the athletes must go through the course in the quickest time possible. During the race, the athletes can face time penalties for shots they’ve missed in the rifle shooting component.

The skills necessary to compete in the sport are the ability to shoot a rifle when adrenaline is coursing through the body, as well as a high level of competence in skiing.

There are variations of biathlon events in the Olympics, from a sprint to a relay style race. The most common, the individual race, requires the athlete to cover 20km on the skis, shooting 4 targets over the course of 5 laps.


Bowling Injuries

Main Muscles Used in Biathlon:

Common Muscle Injuries from Biathlon:

The most common injuries from biathlon occur as a result of overuse and in the shoulders, lower back, knees and ankles. This is as a result of high velocity skiing and the need for fast turning and movements of the body.


How Can You Alleviate Your Biathlon Injuries?

Firstly, in order to effectively prevent injuries while competing in biathlon, make sure your training intensifies gradually, and you don’t train too hard too soon. Stretching also helps to ensure your muscles are in good shape ahead of training or racing.

For lower back pain, it’s recommended that biathletes utilise lower-back support when skiing, or wearing other protective clothing to reduce impact damage.

As for other injuries, physiotherapy is a good route, and a range of techniques from heat/ice therapy to stretching exercises can help you get back to full strength.

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