What is your sport: Bowling

Bowling is a sport where the objective is to knock down as many pins as possible. Often, there are 10 pins situated at the end of a lane. A player rolls a bowling ball down the lane in an attempt to knock the pins over.  

Bowling can be played at many different levels. It is most commonly a recreational sport for many. However, competitive leagues do exist. Bowling was even featured as a demonstrative programme as part of the 1988 Olympic Games. 

A lot of coordination and adequate upper body strength is required to become an exceptional bowling player. Further, games can be long and a degree of endurance is necessary. 

Main Muscles Used in Bowling

Bowling Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Bowling

The most common bowling injuries include: 

  • Elbow Tendonitis: Due to the swing movement when throwing the bowling ball, the elbow undergoes various degrees of stress and overuse. 
  • Wrist Tendonitis: Similar to the elbow, the wrist can become overused and aggravated. 
  • Knee Injuries: MCL, ACL, PCL, and LCL injuries are common in bowling. 
  • Low Back Pain: Without a strong core, the back is easily injured – especially due to the bent over movement involved in the throw.

How Can You Alleviate Your Bowling Injuries?

If pain occurs, rest the injured area. If the pain persists, consider booking an appointment with your doctor. Your doctor can help properly diagnose your pain. Treatment may involve rest, icing, and exercises to help strengthen and stretch the affected area. 

At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our expert team has the tools and skills to help you recover effectively and efficiently from injury. Our services include massage, orthopaedic assessment, osteopathy, sport taping, and acupuncture. For more information, contact us today. Or simply book your next appointment online right now. 

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