DEFINITION – What does Cancer mean?

Human bodies are made up of trillions of cells, all working together, their origin and function based on a set of rules programed into your DNA. In healthy humans, cells that have died or that have been damaged are simply regrown and replaced, and life continues. Unfortunately, in some cases, the DNA rules are corrupted by any number of related diseases, rendering them incapable of properly guiding cellular development. At this point, disaster (cancer) ensues as cells divide and multiply, spreading uncontrollably into, and choking out otherwise healthy areas.


Genetic mutation (DNA corruption) can occur anywhere in the body and for any number of reasons. Throughout our lives, our bodies are bombarded with radiation and other toxins. Seemingly at every turn, there are hazards that can corrupt our DNA, and while some are obvious such as the carcinogenic effects of smoking, others are not. For instance, for decades across North America, and to this day in many still-developing nations, workers have been exposed to deadly asbestos fibres, used as an insulation material in buildings. Only in the last two decades have companies really stepped up to eliminate asbestos from our workplaces, and in doing so, they’ve potentially thwarted millions of cancer cases. Still, according to the Canadian Cancer Society, cancer accounts for more than 30% of all deaths in Canada.

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