DEFINITION – What does Ultrasound mean?

Used heavily in medical diagnosis, manufacturing, testing, and industrial cleaning, ultrasound refers to sound waves that travel at a frequency well above the audible limit of humans, in the range of as low as 20Hz to several gigahertz. Often referred to as sonography, it is also called ultrasonic radiation.

BREAKING DOWN – Ultrasound

In nature, Sonography is used by bats and porpoises to detect objects and threats. With humans, it is used in the visualization of body tissues such as muscles, tendons or organs, to ascertain size, position, and state. In industry, ultrasound imaging is often leveraged as an inspection tool, for testing tanks and other vessels, especially those that hold corrosive liquids which might impact the vessel’s permeability can easily and quickly be scanned to identify leaks. In construction, ultrasound is often used to inspect steel beams and welds for flaws. In manufacturing of plastics, rubbers and food, ultrasound is used for cutting.

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