Golfer’s Elbow

Golfer's Elbow

Symptom – Are you experiencing Golfer’s Elbow?

Do you have elbow pain when lifting or when bending your elbow? Golfer’s elbow is a condition where pain is felt along the tendons of the forearm, near the inner elbow. Occasionally, the pain may be felt in the wrist as well.  

You may feel pain and tenderness along the inner forearm and elbow. Your elbow may feel stiff to move or bend. You may feel weakness in your lower arm, wrist, and hand. And sometimes, numbness or tingling in the wrist and hand may arise. 

Why is causing your Golfer’s Elbow? 

 Contrary to what the name says, golfer’s elbow isn’t just caused by golfing. Golfer’s elbow is commonly associated with repeated stress or repetitive movement of the elbow, such as overuse in sports, particularly in racket sports, improper lifting, throwing, weight lifting, and movements involved in some occupations like plumbing, carpentry, and construction. 

Often, the activity is performed for an hour or more. Afterward, the person may feel tenderness and pain along their inner elbow.  

You are more at risk if you have an occupation that requires repetitive elbow movements or you play a sport that involves the use of a racket or a high amount of throwing movements. Further, risk factors include being over the age of 40, being obese, and being a smoker. 

Luckily, golfer’s elbow is entirely treatable. Let’s take a look how you can rid yourself of your elbow pain once and for all. 

How can you relieve your Golfer’s Elbow? 

If you’re experiencing a high degree of pain, rest your elbow. Consider icing it for 15 minutes at a time with a cloth in between the ice and your skin. Leave 45 minutes in between each ice application. 

One of the best things you can do for golfer’s elbow is strengthen and stretch the affected area. Light weights, resistance bands, and squeezing a grip strength tool or tennis ball can help strengthen the forearm muscles. Stretching and warming up before your activity is also highly recommended. 

For sports or occupational activity, make sure you are performing the move or movement correctly. Learn how to lift properly and practice it to get it right.  

Most importantly, avoid overuse of your elbow. This will aggravate your condition and may cause it to last a prolonged period of time. 

Surprisingly, massage therapy can also help. Massage can relieve tension and pain, as well as improve range of motion.  

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