What is your sport: Jet Ski Racing

Jet Ski Racing is an adrenalin-fueled water sport. Racers compete on high-speed jet skis, maintaining a standing position on the water craft as they race.

One of the biggest organizations running jet ski races is p1 aquax – which hosts regular races all over the world.

The format of their races is simple: To win, you must be the fastest racer around the course (which typically last ten minutes) which is based on the surf line, meaning it’s tricky to navigate.

As you might imagine, the toughest part of the sport to master is keeping your balance as you speed ahead in your jet ski. As a result, core muscle activation is crucial to succeeding in the sport. The choppier the water, the harder it is for the rider to maintain their balance on the jet ski. The conditions of the water can greatly affect the race.

With a buoyancy aid, a helmet and other safety equipment compulsory in a lot of jet ski races, racers are less at risk from injury while racing.


Bowling Injuries

Common Muscle Injuries from Jet Ski Racing:

The most common muscle injuries from jet ski racing range from the minor to the more serious.

The less serious injuries include sprained wrists. The more serious ones include head injuries or broken bones due to hard contact with the water.


How Can You Alleviate Your Jet Ski Racing Injuries?

If you suffer a wrist injury, the best course of action is usually to place an ice pack on the affected wrist and keep it elevated as much as possible. For broken bones or head injuries, you will need to seek immediate medical attention.

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