Muscle Pain on the Side of Your Thigh

muscle pain on the side of your thigh

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain on the side of your thigh? 

Muscle pain on the side of your thigh is common. It may feel like an aching, burning, or soreness sensation. And the severity of the pain may vary depending on the cause. In most cases it’s from a mild injury, such as a muscle strain. But it may also be caused by other issues.  

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What is causing your muscle pain on the side of your thigh? 

The most common cause is from a muscle or tendon strain. The outside of the thigh is made up of the following structures: the vastus lateralis muscle, the tensor fascia latae muscle, and the iliotibial tract (commonly known as the IT band). The biceps femoris also runs down the side of the thigh close to the knee. If any of these become injured or stretched past their normal limits, muscle pain may arise.  

The IT band for runners, in particular, is problematic. In the running gait, the IT band may become aggravated from overuse or too much, too soon. If you’re a running experiencing muscle on the side of your thigh, an IT band injury is a possible cause. For runners, the greater trochanter and other structures at the hip may also become irritated from repetition and overuse. 

More serious conditions may also be the issue. For instance, meralgia paresthetica is defined by pressure on the lateral femoral cutaneous nerve. When this nerve is compressed, numbness, burning, and tingling may result on the side of the thigh. Blood clots are further a possibility. Although, blood clots are more rare in the upper leg than in the lower leg. 

How can you relieve your muscle pain on the side of your thigh? 

For runners, rest is necessary to allow your body adequate time to heal. If it’s an overuse injury, fighting through the pain will often only make it worse. And the same applies for a suspected muscle strain or tear. For more serious problems involving possible nerve pain, we recommend getting your leg checked out by your family doctor. 

For all other muscle pain injuries, massage therapy can help guide you toward a full and optimal recovery. Massage contributes to increased blood flow and the body’s natural healing mechanisms. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our experienced and registered massage therapists strive to help every client to the best of their abilities. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below to schedule your next appointment with us. 

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