Numbness in Fingers

Numbness in Fingers

Symptom – Are you experiencing Numbness in your Fingers?

Numbness in fingers is most commonly the result of nerves being pinched, irritated, or damaged by injury, and both the pain and numbness is manageable with massage. To get relief from this issue, book an appointment with one of our massage therapists now by scrolling to the bottom of this page and clicking on “book appointment.”

What is causing Numbness in your Fingers?

One of the most common and well known finger-numbness issues relates to the ulnar nerve which runs between your neck and your little fingers. When you hit that nerve, commonly called the “funny bone”, you feel an immediate and uncomfortable sensation down your arm and into your two smallest fingers. This is just one example of a peripheral nerve issue; problems with the neural connections which originate in the spinal cord and run throughout your system.

Your other three fingers are managed by another nerve, the median nerve. This nerve can easily become pinched in the elbow, forearm or wrist, causing pain, tingling, and/or numbness. Peripheral nerves are very sensitive and can also be irritated by issues with diet, infections, and even exterior toxins. However, these latter causes are typically whole-body affecting, not focused just on fingers.

Other, less common causes of numbness in fingers are carpal tunnel syndrome, Reynaud’s Disease, diabetes, and rheumatoid arthritis. For pain in fingers, read this article here.

How can you alleviate Numbness in your Fingers?

Our therapists are highly have the expertise needed to help you right now. Book an appointment with us by clicking “book appointment” below.

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