Pain in Buttocks

Symptom – Are you experiencing Pain in Buttocks?

Pain in the buttocks is a common symptom relating to various injuries and conditions. The pain may be isolated to just the one area, or may be accompanied by radiating pain down the legs or pain in the low back.

What is causing pain in my buttocks?

Common conditions and injuries that may contribute to the pain in the buttocks region include a muscle strain, bruising, sciatica, a tight piriformis muscle, a herniated disc, arthritis, and sacroiliac dysfunction. For muscle strains or bruises, the pain often arises after a direct impact injury or from overuse.

A tight piriformis muscle can also arise from overuse, as well as sedentary behaviour. Frequently, tight piriformis muscles are associated with piriformis syndrome. This syndrome may be accompanied by numbness or tingling in the legs, such as when the muscle compresses the sciatic nerve. Arthritis conditions, herniated discs, and sacroiliac dysfunction may also cause sciatic nerve pain that radiates down the buttocks and the legs.

How can I relieve the pain in my buttocks?

Since there are many causes of this type of pain, it’s important to get a proper diagnosis. At Athlete’s Choice Massage, our registered massage therapists can help treat many of the conditions and injuries causing your pain. Massage promotes the body’s healing mechanisms, increases blood flow, and reduces muscle tension. Get back to living your best life and book your massage appointment today!


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