Sore Muscles


Sore Muscles Symptom - Are you experiencing Sore Muscles? Sore muscles may feel painful, tired, or achy. It may be limited to one area, or it may be a widespread sensations felt

Sore Muscles2020-01-08T12:03:59-07:00

Chronic Pain


Chronic Pain Symptom - Are you experiencing chronic pain? Muscle pain can come in all shapes and sizes. It could be one or a couple spots that are bothering you, chronic headaches,

Chronic Pain2019-06-08T10:44:31-06:00

Why Your Posture Matters


Why Your Posture Matters When your parents told you to “sit up straight,” they were onto something. Surprisingly, an array of pain conditions are caused by bad posture. Wonder why your neck and

Why Your Posture Matters2020-09-01T12:23:35-06:00

Pain in Jaw


Pain in Jaw Symptom - Are you experiencing locked jaw or pain in jaw? Pain in the jaw affects millions of people across the globe. It often begins as an ache or

Pain in Jaw2019-04-11T09:15:58-06:00



Headaches Symptom - Are you experiencing frequent headaches? Everyone gets headaches every now and again. Most of the time, we manage by drinking more water or reaching for


Rotator Cuff Injury


Rotator Cuff ARE YOU SUFFERING FROM A ROTATOR CUFF INJURY? Your rotator cuff is a series of tendons and muscles that surround your shoulder joint and keep the head of your upper arm

Rotator Cuff Injury2019-12-30T12:21:21-07:00

Headache Treatment


Headache Treatment How can massage help your Headache? The number one most common reason that people see their doctor is pain, and the top cause of pain is headache. Everyone who has

Headache Treatment2019-12-30T12:30:24-07:00
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