Muscle Pain Below Rib Cage

Muscle Pain Below Rib Cage

Symptom – Are you experiencing muscle pain below your rib cage? 

 Muscle pain below your rib cage may manifest as achy, dull, or sharp. Like most types of pain, there may be an obvious cause, such as an injury, or it may come on gradually without any particularly obvious reason. Since there are a variety of structures and tissues located in this area, there are numerous causes that could contribute to muscle pain below your rib cage. 

So, what is causing muscle pain below your rib cage? 

The most obvious cause is a rib cage injury of some sort. Broken, bruised, or fractured ribs may cause varying degrees of pain depending on their severity and cause. In addition, a pulled or strained muscle may contribute to muscle pain below your rib cage.  

In severe injuries, there may also be an injury to the underlying organs, inflammation in the lungs, diaphragm injury, muscle spasms, or a problem with the rib cartilage. The gallbladder and kidneys also lie below the ribs – which is why it’s important to get any rib or rib cage pain checked out.  

Further, in certain conditions – such as fibromyalgia – widespread pain or trigger points aren’t uncommon. For other types of side pain, check out our article here.

How can you relieve the muscle pain below your rib cage? 

If the pain is minor, it may very well be a pulled muscle or bruise. However, if you are unsure of the cause, book an appointment with your family doctor. They may perform a proper examination and assessment to determine the exact cause. They may also send you for further tests to determine what is going on or eliminate possible causes. 

Your doctor may recommend massage as part of your treatment. It depends on the cause, but massage can help relieve tight muscles, promote good digestion, increase blood flow, and reduce pain levels. Book your next appointment with Athlete’s Choice Massage today. Click the ‘BOOK NOW’ button below. 

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