What is an Infant Massage?

infant massage

DEFINITION – What does Infant Massage mean?

Infant massage is massage therapy for babies. It involves rubbing and stroking the infant’s muscles, tendons, and ligaments in a specific way designed for them. 

BREAKING DOWN – Infant Massage

Infant massage has roots in Ayurvedic Medicine in Ancient India. There is further evidence of its use in China. The goal is to make the baby feel loved and cared for, as well as to relax them to help them sleep. 

Infant massage has been found to help improve digestion and circulation. In turn, it may relieve conditions such as colic, constipation, cramps, and gas. It is further thought to help with alleviating growing pains, such as pain associated with teething, muscular aches, and muscular tension. More specialized techniques may also help babies born preterm.  

Infant massage may further be used between caregiver and baby. Touch is encouraged between mother or caregiver and their baby to strengthen the bond and connection between them.  

Various research suggests that infant massage improves immune function, decreases stress throughout the body, and contributes to increased weight gain (which is closely watched in newborns and babies).  

For a massage therapist to deliver or teach parents the basics of infant massage, they must take the proper training and hold an infant massage certificate. These can often been acquired by a massage therapist via a weekend-long infant massage training course. This training and thus, certification enables the therapist to show parents or caregivers the proper way to massage their infant.  

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